Saturday, November 29, 2014

Teaching Grade 10 中华文化 (Chinese culture, language application)

Articles my teachers and I wrote when teaching Chinese culture in Grade 10:

Teaching MLP Grades 6-7 写作 (Chinese composition)

Articles I wrote when teaching Chinese writing in Grades 6-7:

Teaching MLP Grade 5 阅读教学 (Advanced Reading of Journey to the West)

Articles I wrote when teaching Grade 5:

Teaching MLP Grades 3-4 词汇教学 长篇散文阅读 (Vocabulary, Intermediate reading)

Articles I wrote during my teaching of Grades 3-4:

Teaching MLP Grade 2 词汇教学 初级散文 (Vocabulary, Beginner reading)

Articles I wrote during my teaching of Grade 2:

Teaching MLP Grade 1 韵语 阅读入门 (Phonics, Entry reading)

Articles I wrote during my Grade 1 teaching:

My Introduction of MLP Curriclum

Articles I wrote introducing MLP Chinese curriculum to the community:

Ready to turn my experience and skills into education services

Since 2005, I have been serving as the program director at American Chinese School, Rockville, Maryland.  The program is dedicated in teaching MLP Chinese curriculum.  While experimenting the teaching of this curriculum designed specifically for children from Mandarin-speaking families outside China, I created a curriculum implementation system aimed at promoting and improving the intended outcome of the curriculum as well as training teachers to use the curriculum.  Over the next 10 years, the system has been continuously updated, improved, and expanded.  An online teacher workshop has been set up to help teachers of the curriculum to learn about the curriculum and to master the effective ways of teaching it, based on my personal experience.

As I taught the curriculum year by year, I built the system step by step, while leading the teachers at American Chinese School into effective teaching.  To motivate the teachers and the community to recognize the value of the MLP curriculum and to share my views and experience, I wrote numerous articles, in Chinese language mostly but some in English.  I am hoping to share my experience via sharing those articles to a wider readership.  Thus this blog is created.